Morningstar By Peridio

Development Strategy

Introduction to Cohorts

Learn how to organize devices, target updates, and monitor fleet performance at scale using Peridio's powerful cohort management tools.


2024 - May Changelog

This month's updates focus on enhancing tunnel management capabilities, refining device configuration options, and delivering a major refresh of the...

News & Events

We :heart: Linux

Announcing our sponsorship of the 2024 Open Source Summit in Vienna and memberships with the Linux Foundation and Yocto Projects


2024 - April Changelog

This month's enhancements include improving remote access capabilities, device management, and release phasing to ensure smoother, more secure...

Release Notes

Remote Device Access Enters Beta

Peridio now offers secure remote access tunneling to connected devices through managed proxy servers, supporting SSH, SCP, SNMP, and more.

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